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Daxo Chali is the music artistry working as a producer at MJ RECORDS music studios owned by Master J.

He started music in early 2000's engaging in raping and was wonderous in Freestyling. Radio cassetes were the means of recording that time whilst using the old radios with recording capability. He was stealing most of his father's cassetes and overwriting them with his songs.

It was until 2003 when his father bought a computer that he discovered his ability in making beats. His brother "Marco Chali" was a pianist and was making beats at various studios by that time. Seeing how he was doing it gave him more energy into taking more time making beats while schooling.

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Daxo chali website

2021 | ANAJIKOSHA - Harmonize

It's an AMAPIANO Era and we still building community #DAXO_AMAPIANO.

- ANAJIKOSHA - Harmonize

2021 | UNA SHINGAPI - AMber Lulu

The best vocalist among all the divas in town Amber Lulu Killing it in Amapiano song called Una Shingapi



Being producing tracks since teenage has been a bonus, here are some of what he achieved


Dibo - MONDAY 😭

Written by: Daxo Chali

If you are moved by riddims i.e (reggae, dancehall, calypso, soca, grime, and reggaeton parlance) especially if drums and rolls caught your attention and leave you breathless then you got to meet...


An unmatched combination of innate talent, conscious lyrics, high-energy performances and pure charisma is the hallmark of riddims and other genre such as amapiano. He took this road of music in early 2010's and keep it as a career to date. With his recognizably powerful voice and versatile lyrics made his tracks unique and a must have playlist.
His passion in entertainment industry started a long time ago, for he has worked as TV Presenter in Online TV (Dizzim Online), doing a couple of Voice Over Advertisements, songwriting and scripts writing for movies until he decided to enter in the Music industry himself.
Recognizing the value of Brand Dibo has upped his game and is leaving no stones unturned as he boldly released his new track called MONDAY

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Daxo chali

Currently is signed by DaxoChali and doing his music at MJ RECORDS studios in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Has completed his album and has released his first track called MONDAY #dibo #dibotanzania

Daxo Chali's

Daxo chali website

Daxo chali website

Daxo chali website

Daxo chali website

Daxo chali website

Daxo chali website