Fred Chali (born August 31st, professionally known as Daxo Chali (often stylized as Daxo Chaa)or simply Daxo. Daxo Chali Is An East Africa Tanzanian music producer singer-songwriter and rapper. Daxo Chali's brother Marco Chali was a choir master and a teaching assistant when Daxo was young, and, according to Daxo Chali, his brother was an accomplished guitar player. Daxo Chali Is inspired by Dr. Dre And He's associated by Pollow Da Don Maejor And Master Jay And His Brother Marco Chali.

BornFred Chali
August 31
Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Other NamesDaxo Chali
OccupationRecord Producer * Songwriter *
Artist management
Years Active2013-present
Musical Career
GenresR&B *Tropical-house *
Bongoflava * Hiphop *
Europop * Afro-house
InstrumentsPiano * Guitar *
Nuendo Steinberg * Cubase Steinberg *
Reason * Fl Studio
Associated actsMarco Chali * Master J *
Beef Chaa * Zachaa
Polow da Don * Maejor


Instruments he uses are piano, Nuendo Sternberg, Cubase Sternberg, Reason , And Fl Studio. He can produces many genres such as Hip-hop, Rnp, Europop , Afro-house, Tropical House Sub-genre , Trap, Reggaeton, Trance And Afropop.


Growing up, Daxo Chali was athletic, participating in a number of sports, including basketball and football, with dreams of becoming a professional athlete.As a teenager, Daxo Chali first developed his talent for music by re-playing popular instrumentals.


At age 17, Daxo Chali began to make his own beats on a FL Studio, which his friend purchased for him as a birthday present from local music store . As Daxo Chali became more accomplished, he also began to use production equipment including the Korg Triton, Reason, Pro Tools,Magic Music Maker, Ableton Live Nuendo and Cubase.


Upon graduating Secondary school, Daxo Chali enrolled at Dar es Salaam to pursue undergraduate studies, but dropped out after several semesters to focus on his career as a music producer.


In one of his interview Daxo Chali is credited with saying that "Kala Jeremiah was the first [major artist in Tanzania] to ever rap on my beat."Daxo Chali first met Kala Jeremiah at 360 Sound recording studio, rapper TDX, and upon introducing himself to Kala Jeremiah and giving Kala Jeremiah a collaboration with TDX of his track "Money"


In 2011 - Before working at MJ RECORDS, Daxo Chali placed his first single with the song "Hold You Down," performed by Daxo Chali, Jozee and Ruth "Hold you down" , from the album "Utafurahi" as he produced the whole album. The single was released on December 5, 2011.


Also in 2011, Daxo Chali worked with South African RnB singer UnQle Chriz , producing a number of popular songs including If you try,Keep me warm,and i'm in love with your sister . Daxo Chali Also worked with rapper Momo4sho317 from Indianapolis, Indiana including Tik Tik, No Where To Go , I Say What I Say ,I Say What I Say , Asking God , The Truth ,

In 2012, Daxo Chali produced unofficial released song such as "Ghetto Party" a single for rapper Askof "Ghetto Party" that also features rapper from Young Chaliz Rich Bang. Daxo Chali also produced RnB singer Ruth a song called "One Day". Bef

In 2013 - HIRED AT MJ RECORDS STUDIO'S, Daxo Chali started working as a co-producer in featured projects such as "Kama Jana" a song for MD Mdibo (Kenyan Artist), "Nakula Ujana" An Hit Song By Ney Wamitego.

In 2014 Daxo Chali started producing songs for other artists like Marlaw, Collo From Kenya, And Many More.

In 2015, Daxo Chali Produced "One For The Road" By Anko K Feat Dijah, "Holiday Season" By AY, "Naogopa" By Mirror Feat Baraka Da Prince. It is in this song that he discovered his Brass(Trumpets) as his signature which differentiate his beats from other producers. "Freedom" By Sugu & Mr Blue "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", & Also He Worked On Vocal Technical For "Kazi Kwanza" By BOB Mcharazo. He Also Worked With Artists Like , Rayvanny, Madee, Mwana FA And Many More.

In 2016, Daxo Chali Produced "Nikilewa" By Nasi Feat Shaa, "Nakuwaza" by M 2The P Feat Denja Vu, "My Life" By Dogo Janja "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", "Fulani" By Haitham "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", "Kidebe" By Dogo Janja " Picked Number 1 On Music Charts" , "Dume Suruali" By Mwana FA Feat Vanessa Mdee "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", He Also Co-produced "El Chapo" By AY, Also He Worked on Vocal Technique In This Songs "Migulu Pande" By Madee , "Fundi" By Mh Temba Feat Yamoto Band. Also He Produced Songs That Are Unreleased Yet For Prezzo From Kenya, Denja Vu & Christian Bella, Makamua, Qj, Joslin, Wakali Kwanza, Shaa, And Many More.

In 2017, Daxo Chali Produced "Hela" By Madee "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", "Kila Wakati" By Godzilla Feat G Nako "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", "Usimuache" By Luludiva "Picked Number 1 On Music Charts", "Ukivaaje Unapendeza" By Dogo Janja. Also He Worked With other top artists Like Billnas who produces a song called "Sina Jambo", Madee featuring Nandy made a song together called "Sema" which was a hit.

In 2018, Daxo Chali produced different songs from Janjaro, the first one being "Wayu wayu", and then produced another track from Prezoo featured Janjaro called "Hamsa Mia". He continued by making a song for artist called Promise - "Usiondoke".
2018 has never stopped be a blessing to Daxo Chali has he kept making hits. He made song "Parapanda" from artists known as ROSTAM(ROMA & STAMINA) which became huge in whole East Africa. He then crossed the border and worked with an artist from Kenya called Rawbeena, a song called "Kidogo". "Joka la Kibisa" from MADEE was another hit made in 2018. Other songs are "Ukinimiss" from Kellah and "Unayumba" by Juma Nature. Not only that he created another song for Wajomba a song called "Nisogelee". Kellah droped "Mlevi" another good song produced by Daxo Chali. Ending 2018, Daxo Chali produced tracks from various artists such as AY a song called "Safari" which he produced with Marco Chali and other song called "Sio mbaya" made by Ben Pol featuring The Mafik. He laters introduced a new artist under his label named NABELLA with a song called Gogo. The year finished by dropping another hit for king of R n'B Ben Pol song called Wakuone

Marking the beginning of new YEAR 2019 Daxo Chali accelerates by releasing track from Ericom ft Kellah, called MPOKEE. Music industry also experienced the return of P1 black(former Pig Black) who made a song with G Nako Warawara the song called Kamshange produced by Daxo Chali. In February he released good song for artist from his own label, Kellah song called CHAMBUA MCHELE.

2020 was a promising year and as always he started pretty good with the best by releasing a track from Janjaro called KISHADA. The goodies came simultaneously as he released a song from Gelly ft CountryBoy called MURDER. The hiphop rapper Msamiati works with Daxo Chali in a song called NDAGHA.
Due to pandemic of CoronaVirus many tracks were put on hold for few months.
Daxo Chali Is Current Working At MJ Records As Music Producer, Song Writer with Master J (CEO) and his other three brothers Marco Chali, Za Chaa & Beef Chaa


Apart from producing Music Daxo Chali writes many hit songs for various artists. In 2010 he started songwriting career by writing his first song for QJ & MAKAMUA (former "WAKALI KWANZA") featuring late "ALBERT MANGWAIR" called "LALA". He also wrote another song for SUMA LEE titled "ANTI" which he was also featured. He was still in high school when writing these songs.

In 2011 he wrote lyrics for song "HOLD YOU DOWN" by Jozee. Not only that he was hired to write lyrics for top five Winners of Bongo Star Search Second Chance in same year.

In 2012 he wrote lyrics for song "ONE DAY" by Ruth.

In 2018 he wrote songs for Kellah such as "Ukinimiss" together with Kellah and "Mlevi".